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Lucky Jet is a game reminiscent of Space XY and Aviator. However, there are no planes and missiles here. The main character is an ordinary virtual person equipped with a jetpack. While he is flying across the playing field, the value of the coefficient increases. As soon as the character leaves the screen, the bet will “burn out”. If the player manages to take his own, the game balance will become larger.

Excitement, unforgettable impressions, risk and the possibility of earning – all this is successfully combined in the Lucky Jet game. Ready to try your luck? Are you confident in your own intuition? Then let’s get started on the fun!

Lacky-Jet-games Rules

Reviews about the game Lucky Jet

Currently, Lucky Jet is a game that has overwhelmingly positive reviews. There are also negative ones, but they are due to the inability of some players to control themselves. Many experienced people emphasize the fascination and simplicity of the game, they note that, with a competent approach, it brings good money.

How to win at Lucky Jet: a proven strategy

The basis of any strategy in this context is a special attention to the gameplay. The player is unlikely to be able to identify patterns, because Lucky Jet has a “built-in” random number generator. For each new round, he sets the value of the multiplier at which the character leaves the playing field and flies away. But this does not mean that the analysis and evaluation of the behavior of the “pilot” does not bear fruit.

So, about the proven strategy. It requires perseverance and a willingness to play for a long time, but effectively. The bottom line is this: you need to take the multiplier every time it reaches the mark of 2-3 units. So in a relatively short time, you can increase the game balance several times.

We recommend testing the strategy right now!

Single betting: a good tactic

There are two likely scenarios:

  1. A game with minimal risk. Like the first noted strategy, this one involves perseverance and endurance. The game must be played manually. The stakes are minimal, the point is to expect a low multiplier (up to 5-10) in each round.
  2. High risk game. In this situation, it is supposed to automate the first option, that is, the system will take the winnings, if it succeeds. You can set the appropriate settings directly in Lucky Jet (set odds, autoplay option, etc.).
lacky-jet-games Bet flew away

How to test strategy in Lucky Jet?

Experience, experience, experience… But you don’t need to fill bumps and “drain” the game balance. Just play the free version. Many modern casinos offer this opportunity to their customers. The demo mode is an opportunity to test a certain strategy, develop your own tactics and understand how everything works in Lucky Jet.

Is it possible to win at Lucky Jet?

Yes. And this is confirmed by the experience of some players. They note that one should not strive for divination, they talk about the importance of intuition and a cool head. Often emotions and the desire to recoup become the reason for the “drain” of the deposit. For this reason, we recommend that you test individual strategies before playing Lucky Jet, choose the right one, and prepare yourself so that in the event of a series of failures you can confidently say to yourself: “Stop!”.

Is there a universal tactic?

No. Each of the experienced players who earn in Lucky Jet uses their own. Often a tactic in this context is an adaptation of a particular strategy. The player tries someone else’s template, finalizes it, adjusts it to his style of play. And in the end, even after several “drains” it starts to earn.

Are there any points that deserve special attention?

Yes. It’s game time. It is more correct to speak of periods. Experienced players have noticed that multipliers from 100 appear every 1.5 hours. This is an occasion to choose any strategy with a minimum level of risk and tune in to a long gaming session. Schedule a series of minimum bets and set a multiplier limit for yourself. Let this be a value from 20 to 30. It is important that the series is designed for 1.5-2 hours.

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