Strategies and tactics

Common strategies and tactics for the game Aviator different schemes and secrets of making money

We talk about the most common and reliable strategies, tactics, schemes for Aviator. All of them are carefully checked, based on the experience of players who earn with the help of an unpredictable aircraft.

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Small Deposit Strategy: Mathematics and Statistics

The actions under this strategy are as follows:

  • we divide the balance into 100 equal parts, we plan a series of rates of 1% of the deposit;
  • click on the “Cash Out” button every time the multiplier reaches 1.5.

It should be understood that the coefficient does not always “get” to the specified value. In this case, the player has 2 options:

  1. Continuation of moderate play without risk. The essence is simple: we continue the series of bets until we get a profit.
  2. Doubling a losing bet to a win. There is a risk. There are no guarantees that it will be possible to avoid “draining” the deposit.


  • replenished by 1000 conventional units. 1 bet – 10;
  • then we proceed depending on the decision. We recommend a moderate strategy. Even with several losing bets in a row. You can reduce the risk if you withdraw money at a lower multiplier (1.2-1.3). If the decision is made to double, we bet after losing 20 (40, 80, etc.). In such a situation, the risk of “draining” is high.

How not to “drain” the bank: a strategy for earning money in the game Aviator

The essence of the strategy described below comes down to understanding the mechanics and the main aspects of the functioning of the Airplane. It’s kind of like a tactic. Here are 3 “basic” rules as a blueprint for the Aviator:

  1. Don’t get stuck in the game. The problem is that long sessions often lead to “drains”. It is better to plan a game for 1-2 hours and evenly distribute a series of bets over time than to “sit down” for 5-7 hours and lose everything due to the loss of attentiveness and the ability to think rationally.
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2. Strive to fix the % of the deposit for one session. Let there be 1000 conventional units. Schedule a game for a specific time, but do not spend more than 10%, for example, in the event of a losing streak. This is an occasion to stop and work on the mistakes, analyze your own mistakes.

3. Set achievable goals. If you want to double your deposit in one session, say goodbye to money. Excitement is excitement, but when it absorbs the player entirely, the balance is in jeopardy. An example of a good goal is 5-10% plus, an example of a bad one is 50-100% per session.

We note an important detail. Even the most profitable (potentially) strategies do not guarantee a stable increase in the game balance. Much depends on the behavior and mood of the player. No one can influence the outcome of the round. Neither the casino nor other interested parties can do this. It has already been noted that everything is due to a special random number generator, which can assign a multiplier equal to both 1.5 and 40-50. We do not recommend taking risks and waiting for the “peak”: it is better to play accurately and moderately with small stakes than to “drain” the deposit because of the desire to try your luck.

We recommend that you first try different strategies and tactics in the demo version. We already wrote that this approach makes it possible to better understand the game, to understand how it works.

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Low odds strategy for the game Aviator

This strategy is similar to the one that was considered first. The bottom line is to set up an automatic return of the bet with a minimum multiplier. You can set the value, for example, up to 1.2. Minimal risk should be considered a plus, but there are obvious disadvantages:

  • small win. If the bet “burns out”, it will take a long time to win back;
  • provided that the random number generator “conceives” to issue a series of flights with coefficients up to the set value, a “drain” becomes probable.

You can try the most conservative approach in the context of risk minimization. We are talking about setting the value of the coefficient to 1.1. The game will be long and quite possibly boring, but this is easily eliminated by the already noted automatic mode.

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Moderate Risk Strategy for Aviator

The essence is simple: we are waiting for coefficients from 2 to 3, for example. And we hit the jackpot! There is a risk, it is moderate. However, experienced players earn good money thanks to this tactic. There are no special rules, but we recommend that you plan a series of bets and follow the recommendations presented earlier.

For a more enjoyable game, we offer you good bonuses!

Quick money strategy for the game Aviator

This strategy is characterized by a high level of risk. Stable winnings are unlikely. The approach will be optimal for players who want to get everything at once. The essence is simple: you need to plan a series of bets and wait for high odds, for example, 50-100. The numbers are real: about once every 1.5-2 hours, the multipliers in the presented range “jump”.

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Summary: Should You Use Strategies

Yes. However, we recommend adapting them to your own playing style. It is advisable to try your luck and hone your skills in the free version first. We have already written about the advantages of this approach.

The following are a few aspects to consider. This will help you play and win.

  • The random number generator is responsible for everything. Forecasting is impossible, looking for patterns is a waste of time.
  • Mathematics and statistics in Aviator give only a 50% guarantee that the planned series of bets will result in an increase in the balance. Cold calculation must be combined with intuition.
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