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The Airship game has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of players around the world. Let’s briefly review and talk about ways to win, about strategies, and also touch on other important points related to Zeppelin. First, we note that this is almost the same as another game – JetX. The mechanics and basic principle are similar.

The airship could explode at any moment. The task of the player is to fix the multiplier and take the amount of the bet multiplied by it. Will you risk it? Try to try your luck?

Bots, special software, scripts for Zeppelin

There is no software that guarantees winnings. Although there are enough different relevant offers, we do not recommend spending money on them. This is an attempt by scammers to get hold of gullible newbies. We advise you to strive to test strategies and develop your own unique game tactics.

Zeppelin-game Place Bet

What are the strategies for Zeppelin

The most common strategy involves doubling the bet every time the player loses. A simple example in the form of a chain looks like this (in arbitrary units): 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. It is necessary to interrupt the series of raises when the next bet “sets”.

The presented strategy is associated with a certain risk, so it should be used with caution. There are less risky options. A simple example is planning a series of minimum bets in anticipation of a coefficient of 50. The advantage of this approach is that it is addictive and involved in the process, while making it possible to earn good money. Even if a multiplier of 50 drops out at least once for 20-30 bets of 1 conventional unit each, the player’s winnings will be good.

Who is Zeppelin for?

If you love gambling, we strongly recommend Zeppelin. We advise you to familiarize yourself with all the available strategies, adapt the one you like to your style of play. This will allow you to start earning.

Try your luck right now!

Why do scammers offer to buy work programs for Zeppelin?

They seek to trick the money of newcomers. Also, under the guise of “really working” programs, scammers attract people to register in different casinos in order to earn money through referral systems.

Zeppelin-game Rules

Basic rules for playing Zeppelin

There are no special rules. You need to choose the amount of the bet for each new game round. It is important to follow the flight of the airship. If it explodes, the bet will “burn”. Provided that the player has time to fix the multiplier and take the money, the game balance will be replenished.

Zeppelin-game Bet

The player’s task, therefore, comes down to pressing the Cash out button at the moment the airship is in good working order. As soon as self-liquidation is initiated, the opportunity to earn money will disappear.

To play or not to play Zeppelin?

We cannot insist, but we are ready to recommend. The Zeppelin game deserves the attention of people who value excitement and indescribable emotions. It will definitely tickle your nerves, bring both positive and negative experiences. Such a “cocktail” will appeal to lovers of reasonable risk.

Choose the right strategy, test different approaches in the free version, and then fund your account at the casino you like and play the full-fledged Zeppelin!

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