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The Aviator game was called revolutionary by many players at the time of release (2019). The feature comes down to the simplicity of the unusual gameplay. The format has become truly innovative. Plus – the ability to increase the game balance in a matter of seconds.

The game appeared in MostBet almost immediately after the release by the Scribe team. Today Aviator is played by thousands of casino customers. This gambling entertainment represents a whole generation of similar games, where the probability of winning is closely related and literally coexists with the risk of “draining” the deposit. But this is not a reason to be wary, but a call to responsibly approach each gaming session.

How to play Aviator: strategies

The simplicity of the game should not be taken as a reason to believe that everyone can earn money in it. A random number generator works against the player, and it is impossible to predict the “mood” of which. If for one round he sets a limit multiplier of 1-2, then for another – 100-200! The bottom line is to have time to take the amount of the bet with the applied multiplier. If the plane flies out of the field, the bet money will be “drained”.

Lots of strategies. Let’s describe a couple of common ones.

  1. Strategy with minimal risk. We plan a series of bets of 1% of the deposit and take money every time the plane “gives out” multipliers of 2-3 or less. The lower the coefficient value, the better. The plane rarely leaves the playing field at multipliers of 1.5-2, for example. So, albeit not fast enough, but still guaranteed to get a good plus.
  2. High risk strategy. The principle is similar, but you need to wait for coefficients from 30-40 or more. The probability that at least 5-10 bets out of, for example, 100, will “get in” is minimal, but if such a scenario is realized, then even 5 wins will bring the player 150-200% of the initial deposit.
Aviator-crash-games How to Play

How to play?

At the bottom, under the black screen, there are buttons with which you can place bets. The client has the opportunity to do two at once. But this comes with a certain level of risk. After launching the plane, you need to wait for the desired odds and take the money using the button in the same window in which the bet was made.

The player has access to various settings and functions. It:

  • the possibility of automatic play. It is necessary to set up the “robot” so that he puts money himself and takes it when the coefficient reaches the set value;
  • tape with a story over the playing field. It displays data regarding multipliers that have recently appeared in the Aviator game.

These are just examples. The player can turn the music on and off, chat with other players.

If you want to try your hand at a game that requires a developed intuition, we recommend that you register with MostBet and start playing Aviator!

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