Online game Plinko XY 


Plinko XY is one of the most popular games. Keep an eye on the ball that overcomes the obstacles on the way to one of the multipliers. A win can only be obtained if the round “friend” falls into a cell with a value greater than 1. Otherwise, the bet amount will decrease, for example, if the ball chooses a coefficient of 0.5 or 0.25.

Plinko-XY-games- Rules

Plinko XY Game Rules 

There are no special rules. You can launch several balls at once. They will overcome obstacles and fall into cells with certain multipliers. Almost nothing depends on the player: the behavior of the ball is controlled by a random number generator that assigns certain multiplier values for each game round.

Plinko XY Strategies

There are no strategies for playing Plinko XY. It is impossible to predict where the ball will fall. This creates a special atmosphere of excitement and not fake experiences associated with the expectation of a likely win.

You can try to make minimum bets and launch several balls at once. The second option is increased amounts and single drops. We recommend that you first develop your own tactics in the free version. Additionally, it will give an idea of how the game works.

How to play Plinko XY

The player can choose the number of lines (barriers) and the level of risk. At high values of these parameters, the coefficients assigned to individual cells increase. After setting up the game, you can start launching balls.

It has already been noted that it is advisable to test different strategies in the free version first. This will allow you to fill your hand and understand how the Plinko XY game works.

There are several varieties and variations of Plinko. Let us briefly describe the common ones presented in different casinos.

Original Plinko XY games

Plinko-XY-games Provability

Plinko XY at BCGAME

This is a crypto casino that features the original version of Plinko XY. The player can set 8-16 obstacle levels. If the maximum is selected, with the risk set to high, the odds increase. The probability that the player hits the jackpot increases.

Plinko from BetFury

The version offered by BetFury is not significantly different from the original one. Distinctive features are almost imperceptible: the design is preserved, as are the main functions. A key feature is the choice of colors as “markers” of risk. Blue allows you to launch a conditionally standard game, green is suitable for fans of excitement, and red will be an excellent choice for risky players.

Plinko-XY-games Bet

Choose multipliers, practice and bet to win
This is the key principle of playing Plinko XY regardless of the casino you choose.

Plinko to Stake

This casino offers customers the original version of Plinko XY. Experienced players note that only in Stake the percentage of wins is relatively high compared to the share of minus bets, so we recommend trying Plinko here.

Plinko-XY-games Bet100FUN

The advantage of playing Stake comes down to the opportunity to hit a real and big jackpot. Top-performing players can expect incentive payouts of up to $100,000.

Plinko XY at JacksClub

The peculiarity of this casino is high-quality services. The Plinko version is presented here as the original game. The maximum value assigned to the cells, one of which can land the ball is 1000. This is typical for “hard” settings, when the risk level is high, and the number of lines with obstacles is maximum.

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