Aviator is the best crash game ever

Author: tatus23

Each new launch of the Aviator game is excitement, the expectation of an unpredictable result and vivid experiences. And rich impressions! The developer took care of everything you need. Thanks to this, the gameplay is unique, exciting and inimitable. Aviator is presented in many modern online casinos as a fundamentally new game. Entertainment? Yes. An opportunity to earn? Yes! Aviator is a relatively new game for the gambling industry (it was released in 2019). But the number of fans is constantly showing growth. The reasons are obvious. This is simplicity, clarity, a minimum of effort on the part of the player. And pure excitement! The aviator was appreciated by both experienced players and beginners. No more words are needed: just try the game to see how addictive and at the same time uncomplicated it is.

How is it guaranteed to win and earn money in Aviator?

“Airplane” is a fairly simple game. But this does not mean that you can earn money in it without making any effort. Experienced players who have managed to “climb” on the Aviator note that it is necessary to know how everything works, restrain emotions and exclude hope only for luck. It is impossible to predict the multiplier that can make a player rich, but this does not mean that strategies and tactics do not work.

Here are some tips that will be useful for both beginners and experienced players:

  • follow the statistics, analyze it. The game has a special section that displays data regarding the history of bets and multipliers;
  • before you start testing a certain strategy in the game Aviator for real money, try it in the demo version;
  • give up greed and the manifestation of any emotions. A sober mind and a cool head, calculation and strategy, own tactics are the components of success;
  • adapt popular strategies to your own style of play. Don’t count on finding the perfect “recipe”. If there was at least one win-win tactic, casinos would have removed the Aviator game from their offers long ago. Tailoring strategies is important in all likely contexts.

Each of the points deserves attention.

Statistics analysis

It should be noted right away that statistical and mathematical methods against the background of data analysis on rates and multipliers are only 25% of success. The advantage of the game is that all information on completed game rounds is available directly in the Aviator window. If you have previously bet on, for example, sports events, analyzing past data and finding patterns, studying statistics will be the first component of future winning rounds.

Only mathematics and statistics are not enough. This is only one fourth of the potential success.

Hone your skills in the demo version of Aviator

This is an additional 25%. Why demo? Because in the free mode you do not need to replenish your account. It’s a lot of possibilities:

  • testing certain strategies;
  • developing your own unique tactics;
  • hardening. The point is that thanks to the free game, a person can prepare in advance not to give vent to emotions, not to succumb to excitement entirely. It’s kind of like mental training. Self-discipline is very important in the context of playing Aviator.

The advantage of the training version comes down to the fact that in it a beginner can deal with the mechanics, with the device of the Aviator game. Subsequently, thanks to everything presented, the player will be able to start “working” in the full version without delay and additional delays.

Giving up greed and emotions

It is important. If a player comes to the Aviator in an effort to double the bank in one session, then he makes a mistake. Greed, like other emotions directly or indirectly associated with it, in practice leads to an ordinary “drain”. That is why, first of all, you need to consider the Aviator game as gambling entertainment, which, under certain conditions, can become profitable. Hitting the jackpot with the appropriate intention, but without discipline, which is important to understand, will not work.

Follow the given recommendations to win. And consider that another 25% of potential success is already in your hands.

Adapting Strategies

Why do you need to tailor winning strategies to your own playing style? Everything is simple. This is necessary already for the reason that each player is individual. There is no perfect “recipe”. No one can win if they use a supposedly 100% winning approach.

Tip: In demo mode, try the common strategies first. There are 2 options for action:

  1. The combination of the advantages of certain tactics to develop a unique strategy.
  2. Adapting the approach you like to your own style of play.

Try both options. This is another step on the way to winnings in Aviator.


Crash-game Aviator is not literally related to this category. The plane does not explode, but simply leaves the playing field. But it’s not that important. The very concept of the game makes it unique and fundamentally new for the world of gambling. Immediately after the release, Aviator won the hearts of thousands and even tens of thousands of players around the world. The number of downloads of different versions of applications in online stores has long exceeded several million. The statistics of modern casinos providing online services suggests that the Aviator game is launched thousands of times every day. These are tens and hundreds of thousands of gaming sessions per month.

Simplicity and clarity, the absence of complex incomprehensible requirements and conditions – all this, against the background of the possibility of quick earnings, attracts many players. But not everyone manages to make money on gambling entertainment. “Airplane” will require you to have a developed intuition, the ability to analyze statistics. In addition, it is necessary to forget about greed and exclude the absorption of reason by emotions.

It should be understood that the random number generator is responsible for everything. He chooses the value of the multiplier for each game round. Therefore, you should not be guided only by conditional patterns. It is best to combine all the likely potential methods for guaranteed earnings in Aviator.

Common questions and answers

Who is the developer of Aviator?

This is Spribe. The team was able to present a truly worthy gambling game that deserves the attention of all players without exception in 2019. Immediately after the release, the Aviator game became popular and one of the most frequently opened in major online casinos.

Can I play Aviator for free?

Yes, this option is provided by the developer. To do this, you can download an offline application or register in the casino you like. In the latter case, you need to select the appropriate demo mode. The advantages of playing Aviator for free are already presented. This is an opportunity to practice, try your luck and hone your intuition, as well as other useful skills. Free mode can be seen as a preparation for a full-fledged game for money. For real ones.

How to start playing Aviator for real money?

It has already been noted that for this you will need to launch a full-fledged version in any casino that provides services online. First of all, register and verify your identity. Immediately after that, you will be able to replenish your account.

How is it guaranteed to win in Aviator?

No one can give guarantees of winning. However, against this background, the player is literally obliged to strive to use the tips presented. Only the combination of the four components described will become, albeit not one hundred percent, but still a guarantee in terms of winning and earning on gambling entertainment, which fans have nicknamed “Airplane”.

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